In March 2020, Mighty Oaks received information from our team in Thailand that there were many of our children's families and communities that were suffering due to COVID-19. Many of our caregivers earn wages by working in the fields and don't make much more than $10 per day. When the pandemic set in, the Thai government issued a stay-at-home order, just like many countries around the world. With no ability to work, these families were unable to earn enough money for even the basics. Mighty Oaks put an appeal to our donors and with their help, we were able to provide food baskets for more than 40 families and financial support to several communities.

Mighty Oaks has in the past provided financial and medical help to the families of our students. We have even assisted a few families by helping them rebuild their homes after losing them to fires or bugs.

It is thanks to our supporters that Mighty Oaks is able to help in this way. 


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