Modern slavery is a hidden crime that affects every country in the world. In the 2018 Global Slavery Index, they say that modern slavery was found in many industries including garment manufacturing, mining, and agriculture, and in many contexts, from private homes to settlements for internally displaced people and refugees. Instances have been identified in Thai fishing, coal mining in North Korea, in the homes of diplomats in Australia, carwash stations in the United Kingdom, cocoa agriculture in Côte d’Ivoire, and cattle ranching in Brazil, just to name a few examples.

In Thailand, it is estimated that more than 610,000 people are affected by modern slavery. Many of these are children that are taken from their homes in the north never to be seen again. Thailands most vulnerable sector comes from what is known as the hill-tribe region. These are people who have fled their own countries, Burma (Myanmar) and Laos because of the persecution and ethnic cleansing occurring in those countries. They have taken up refuge in Thailand's mountains. Not having Thai citizenship limits where they can work so most work as day laborers. Because of the cost of an education in Thailand, most of these families cannot afford to send their children to school. 

Mighty Oaks has, since the beginning, made educating these children a priority. We offer scholarships to those children that are in the most need. The scholarships cover their tuition, school uniforms, and some supplies. Mighty Oaks also offers further education on topics including respecting others, integrity, and the Love of God.

For more information on how you can sponsor a child and make a difference in their life, contact us at

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