You might read the title of this and say, "Whoa, you are way off. Mother's Day was months ago!", and you would be right if we were talking about North America. 

Mother's Day Foot washing

Traditionally in Thailand, Mother's Day is celebrated on the Queen's Birthday. Her Majesty The Queen Sirikit was born on 12 August 1932.

Traditionally, on this day, children kneel at their mother’s feet to pay respect and thank her for everything she has done. This is often accompanied by gifts of flowers and dinner. 

In the Christian culture in Thailand, children will offer a prayer of blessing for their mothers as they kneel at their feet. They will also follow Jesus' example of servanthood by washing their mother's feet as a sign of respect. 

This year our Agape home girls and the children of our staff wanted to do something special for our female staff. Here are some pictures of the girls honoring our staff. 

Mother's Day Gan Mother's Day Pree


 Below is a special song that they recorded for all of our sponsors. Happy Mother's Day!