Published Sat, Jun 26, 21.
Written by Stephen Hudson.

Mint-University-Big.pngMint was in primary school when she was first sponsored. She lived with her mom and dad, older sister, and grandparents. When both her mom and dad were working in the gardens, they earned a combined wage of about $90 a month which was for a family of six.

When her parents separated, Mint lived with her mom on a very low income. Mint had dreams of going to University and would be the first one in her family to do so.

Mint has realized her dreams! She is enrolled at Chiang Rai University for her B.A. with her major being Business Administration.

Mint has been one of our Agape girls and has taken much leadership with the girls. She has also helped in the MOT office assisting the Program Director. She is blossoming as a Christian and was baptized last year.

Mint’s mom has also become a Christian and is helping to look after the Agape Home girls as their housemother. We are proud of Mint’s spiritual maturity as well as her academic achievements.