Milk-University-Big.pngMilk’s story is very sad as her dad was placed in prison for life because the police stopped his delivery truck and found addicting drugs in a drawer of a table he was delivering to a customer. As a result, Milk and her brother lived with her mom who made very little income, making about $5 a day as a gardener on the days when she could find work. Milk was a Primary student when she began her Educational sponsorship with Mighty Oaks.

Milk's mom re-married and moved south, leaving her and her brother in the care of an aunt and uncle who sent them to a provincial school. Here, Milk continued with her Christian faith and is now studying to be a nurse in Bangkok.

Milk has experienced many very sad days, feelings of abandonment, but continued to persevere, love the Lord, and maintain excellent academic marks. She rejoices now in the fact that she is able to visit her father now while in Bangkok. He has had his sentence reduced to 20 years.

Milk was overjoyed that she is able to follow her life time dream and become a nurse. Presently, Milk has graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree and is working as a Nurse in Bangkok with her brother.