Joy-Work-Big.pngJoy lived with her mom and dad who work hard in the fields to prepare sticky rice that they can sell at the market daily. Joy was so thankful to receive sponsorship for education as she would not have been able to continue in school without help.

Joy wrote to her sponsors (a prayer group) the following

After I graduated from university in Chiang Mai, I returned home looking for work. I picked up short term jobs in accounting, entered a competition for a government job and I am presently working in a government office. Because of your grace and the grace of Jesus, your guidance and your love, I have progressed to where I am now. I wanted to write and thank you for all you have done for me and my family. With high respect, Joy.

We visited Joy at her workplace and rejoice in the fact that she is still trying exams to better her position, has helped to rebuild her mom and dad’s home, and is quick to give Jesus the glory for all she has accomplished.