Published Sat, Jun 26, 21.
Written by Stephen Hudson.

Fa-University-Big.pngFa has lived most of her life with her grandparents after her dad died, a contributing factor being alcoholism and her mom re-married and moved south to work.  Fa’s grandpa works as a gardener and earns about $4-$5 a day and three years ago her grandma died of an undiagnosed disease.  She has been sponsored by Mighty Oaks since she was in Primary School.When Fa was in Gr. 6, she came to us asking for prayer. When the rash which covered most of her body was medically diagnosed, it was determined that she has the HIV virus. The doctors said she was most likely born with the virus. Since that time, Fa has received a monthly food allowance from Mighty Oaks which assures us that she is receiving good nutritious meals and arrangements have been made for regular medical intervention for Fa.

Fa completed her course in Business Administration at a Business College in Fang so she could take care of her grandpa and handicapped uncle as well as continue with her studies.  She graduated from Business College and worked in Fang for two years managing a coffee shop, then asked to re-enter the sponsorship program as she had saved enough money to help her go to University and obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Business. Fa has matured into a beautiful young woman who loves the Lord and loves Thai dancing.