We have an amazing trip planned for our team visiting Thailand from February 2-19 who are Dan Noble, Jane Noble, Dini Post, Peggy Wright, Stephen Hudson, Gwen Carter and her two girls Amy and Emilie. Dan Noble will be extending his time until February 25. This year for the first time, Carolyn Hudson is unable to return to Thailand because of health difficulties. This trip will be under the leadership of our Co-leaders Dan and Jane Noble. Our MOT Staff have put wonderful things in place for this team and they go with the expectation that God has prepared the way for a blessed trip and an amazing journey for each of them.

Feb. 3-6 –Bangkok and Pattaya. In Pattaya alone, 2000 children join the sex-trade each year. Our visit will include – Prayer for Pattaya with other Christians joined for this purpose, a visit to the Tamar Centre, a testimony of God’s light and transforming power shining through one young lady, and a prayer walk through the “Walking Street” Prostitution section of the city.

Feb. 7- 16 - Now the adventure begins with many opportunities to minister to the Northern people of Thailand.

Some of the highlights of the week include the following:

Feb 8 - Attend Good News Church. Peggy Wright will be giving the message in church that morning. Please pray for a clarity of thought and expression and unity with the interpreter in communicating about the Way of Love in this cross cultural setting.

Visits to children’s homes throughout the week to see potential new admissions and children and families of our sponsored children, especially those supported and known by our Thai staff members. Pray for opportunities to connect and care for the families and the children

Feb 10 - A trip to Chiang Rai and Mai Sai to meet the University kids especially Bo-e , who has been sponsored by a few team members since she was a little girl. Bo-e is looking forward to meeting this family who have helped her chase her life -long dream of becoming a nurse.

Feb 12 – Assisting with the building of a water reservoir for the Christian Lahu Hill-tribe and distribution of medical and food supplies. Please pray that each team member and each family feel blessed, encouraged and empowered.

Visits to Pastor Enoch’s Ministry Centre and Pastor Jaroon’s and Pastor Ute’s new churches.

Feb 13 - the team will be preparing for the MOT Camp and Celebration service and also attend a MOT Board Meeting. This will be a great opportunity to encourage one another, cast vision, and celebrate all that God is doing in this wonderful land.

Feb 14 -15 - Starting Sat. Morning the children will arrive for the week-end camp and remain until after the Celebration service Sunday afternoon. Our theme this year is Be Anchored in Love” with the theme verse, Hebrews 6:v19 . Our theme song will be “Jesus, Be The Centre”. Please pray for the teaching and activity sessions held by the team and two guests from the states. Among these sessions will be creative dance, teaching a worship song, English language games, and the making of bracelets including the wordless bible. Games in the afternoon will be followed with a special youth band and special speaker, “Pastor Kephart” in the evening. This is an exciting time for fun, teaching, equipping, and ministering to the children. The children will all stay overnight and the next day after the church service in the morning, all the parents and families will join us to celebrate God’s goodness throughout 2014. It will be a week-end packed full of opportunities for our team to interact with the MOT children and families.

January 16: Visiting the outreach ministry of Good News Church and MOT staff into the Prison in Fang. Please pray for God’s leading, compassion and transformation. This ministry is giving hope to the men and women inside this prison.

January 16-18: A time of activities such as an elephant ride, bamboo raft ride, visiting the Cultural centre, night markets - It will be a time of de-briefing, reflection, and experiencing the Asian culture. Pray for their safe travel and trouble free arrival back in Canada Feb. 19.

January 19-25, Dan Noble will continue visits, discussions, casting vision and administration tasks while remaining in Fang until the 25th .